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Jason Irvin

William Jason Irvin b.1974


I literally just started oil painting in June of 2021


As long as I can remember I have always enjoyed drawing. Not only drawing but learning to how to draw better. I wanted to create something realistic looking from an early age. I continued my love for art and drawing right up through high school where I entered and won several state art contests in the drawing category and later was awarded a scholarship to Shelton State Community College in Tuscaloosa Alabama.  My mentor and college professor was Bethany Windham Engle and her husband Frank L. Engle was an internationally known sculptor, painter, glass artisan, ceramicist and professor. In college my main focus was drawing and studio production with some painting and commercial art classes. I had only tried acrylic painting in high school and I just didn’t like the way the acrylic paint felt and was a little intimidated and just never tried oils. Charcoal was my favorite medium early on because it had that ability to drop in that best tonal dark value at the very end.


After college I stopped creating fineart and started my career in graphic design that lasted until 2006. After 2006 I worked construction and eventually joined the electrical union and did electrical maintenance for 4 years. During all that time, I started to draw again at home. Mostly portraits of my kids, I was again hesitant to paint because I didn’t have access to a studio and other excuses I could name a million. Then 2 years ago I landed my dream job back in graphics at Drake Printers in Tuscaloosa and started creating art again. I started drawing every day and getting back into the groove. It wasn’t until June 2021 that I watched a few youtube videos on how the masters of old painted in oils, that I tried my hand at oil painting.


I paint in 3 basic stages: Sketch/Blocking In - Modeling - Detail.

I use liquin original to thin down and speed up the drying process of my sketch and blocking in stages. Then I use a smaller amount of medium to begin modeling color and form.Finally, I use straight oil paint to add the details and refine colors. This final stage can be repeated over and over again until I obtain the level of detail I am happy with. I paint almost every day and I am totally obsessed with it.

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